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27.7. - Znojmo / only About humor

BRAND NEW! Two performances by Squadra Sua in one / premiere 6.12.2018 / Theatre Na Prádle

O HUMORU / About Humour - TRAILER
An academic lecture about hunour with practical examples. Two experts, who consider humour to be the source of their life-long fascination as well as frustration. Cruel thruths about life hidden behind clever phrases, problematic relations as well as hits under the belt seemingly born from an unavoidable need. A performance full of practically and sientifically prooved information, unsolvable situations and doubtful manuals. About humour.

script, performance, direction: Lukáš Houdek, Petr Jarčevský

Physical Clown Comedy - TRAILER
Two gansters are waitig for the biggest gig the yever did. Tony and Lenny know, that today is the day. In the world of evil there is no place for half-way solutions. The evil is absolute. A combination of uncompromising gangsters blurred by the Clown optics. Clowns using basic elements of physical theatre and comedy Roman Horák a Robert Janč create an absurd, nearly dadaistic  play.


script, performance, direction: Robert Janč, Roman Horák
music: Jan Šikl
costumes: Jana Machalíková

Both performances were created with the support of:
Ministry of Culture Czech Republic
Capital Prague
HAMU - Musical Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts Prague
Zdravotní Klaun o.p.s

special Thanks: Matěj Landa & Cyril Dobrý