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23.3. Jatka 78


Surreal clown comedy directed by Jos Houben and Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová

Five clowns on the way from point A to point B, or maybe from B to A, or - should you wish - to C. Five individuals treading their way - both from one side of the stage to the other and into their inner worlds.
You can't avoid a story, no matter how hard you try.

Five clowns in elegantly fitting suits asking an uneasy question - To be or not to be? Five clowns stick together - and nobody is asking where do the sticks come from. Five clowns ceremoniously mix the logic of dreams and the absurd of everyday life in metal buckets. Cautiously avoiding kicking them. 
age limit: 9 years

premiere: 8. 6. 2019, Jatka78
directed by: Jos Houben and Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová
clowns: Roman Horák, Lukáš Houdek, Michal Chovanec, Robert Janč, Ondřej Klíč 
set and costumes: Petra Vlachynská
music: Jan Šikl
light design: Michal Kříž
duration: 70 minutes

supported by: Ministry of culture ČR, City of Prague, Jatka 78, Zdravotní klaun o.p.s., Cirqueon, Music Faculty AMU in Prague, Divadlo Bolka Polívky, DIOD Jihlava