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Gloria Fest 
Bomberos - Squadra Sua

'Fire-tale' and slapstick street show about three clowns, whose lives mainly revolve around water and the heroic motto „Help Thy Neighbour“.Family show for everyony who ever wanted to be a fireman.

Welcome to the confused celebrations of 120th anniversary of the Bomberos fire-fighting unit. All the thee men in the unit love love their job, and are determined to fulfill their duties. They never drop their guard despite the fact that nobody calls them anymore  – no fire, no flood, no kitten high up a tree, nothing.
Still, they work hard, do their training, unroll and re-roll their hoses, ready to "Help Thy Neighbour!"

Clowning, gag, slapstick and fire-figther`s "toil" while waiting for the desired fire.

Premiere: 16.7.2013 / Festival Behind the door
Performed and created by: Squadra Sua
Set and Costume design: Lucia Škandíková
Music: Jan Kyncl and Jazoo ( Brno ) -