Happy Hour


21.9.2018 - 
Podzimní slavnosti Jablonec n. Nisou

Happy Hour Squadra Sua

In every case Squadra Sua defended its already traditional place on the Czech Clown scene and their new performance (Happy Hour ) belongs to the best they ever offered.“A. Byček, Dance News, Taneční Aktuality, 5.6.2015

A street theatre performance á-la grotesque marinated in Clownery, that all well cooked and garnished by three Clowns, who magically transfigure from waiters to cooks and back again ( just passing the unpredictable door from the kitchen to the restaurant which are opening and closing like a well tuned menu). On top of that one of them dares to become a guest in their restaurant.

The guest arrives to the restaurant, sits at the central table, orders the menu, which is prepared by the cooks and served by the waiters. What could go wrong in a solid restaurant and a recipe that simple? What unexpected ingredients could entangle this yet elementary story? And who will pay for all that?

You‘ll know in a second, but can we offer you a drink first? A table for one, two or the whole square? The restrooms are in the back, but maybe they are occupied at the moment. Come and we will overturn you palates. Come to our restaurant and you‘ll get All you can(‘t) eat.


creation/direction: Squadra Sua

Clowns: Lukáš Houdek, Robert Janč, Roman Horák

set and costume design: Marjetka Kürner Kalous

set construction: Richard Horák

music: Jan Šikl

production: Squadra Sua

premiere: 4.6.216 Cirk-UFF / Trutnov, Czech Republic


The show is supported by:

Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic, Cirqueon-Centre for New Circus, Department of Mime / Academy of Performing Arts Prague HAMU, Club Mlejn