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5.9.2018 -
Přístav 18600 - Prague
Bomberos - Squadra Sua

Clown street-show about a three-men military unit prepared to lay down their lives...
preferably somewhere soft...

Invasion by a three-member army. Commander and his men – two in total. Heroes, liberators, clowns. Enthusiastically, they embrace all the battles of a soldier's life. Be it training, rest, hunger or the last cigarette, they know it all. Their muscles may not be made of steel, but there are pieces of lead in them. Everybody is in the  destructive radius of their "weapons." They don`t take sides and will unleash themselves at anyone.

Performance was supported by HAMU, Nadace Život umělce, DIE ETAGE e.V. (Berlin).

Premiere: 31.5.2012 / CIRK-UFF Trutnov
Performed and created by: Squadra Sua
Costume design: Radka Mizerová
Set and sound: Squadra Sua

Technical requirements: sound system, can be performed almost anywhere / site-specific

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