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The show of the three amazing Clowns – Roman HorákLukáš Houdek and Robert Janč from Squadra Sua – is carried out in the sense of slight and net humour, with which this trio reminds early shows of Voskovec and Werich in the Czech Unbounded Theatre. Their show are characterized by simple as well as highly intellectual humour, physical gags, mute play full of action. The fluent, existential play of the original characters evokes erruptions of laughter during their shows...", L.Petišková, Taneční aktuality, 26.11.2017  

In every case Squadra Sua defended its already traditional place on the Czech Clown scene and their new performance (Happy Hour ) belongs to the best they ever offered.“A. Byček, Dance News, Taneční Aktuality, 5.6.2015

"The freedom to play"-"In their performance Handicops the protagonists of Squadra Sua have managed Comedy on a high level
.", Alexej Byček, Taneční aktuality, 7.4.2015

"...As I already mentioned, it‘s not classical drama, the actors in the show are singing, dancing, and word and gesture have the same importance. The individual scenes have precise punch-lines, the series of nonverbal gags is hilarious. And o top of that the actors are ecellently playing the dialogue between stage and audience. An inventive blend of Physical, Clown and Comedy Theatre owning lightness and individuality..."
, Johana Mücková, ČT24 - kultura, 18.3.2015 

O.Pátek / head of technical community managment of Prague districts 15 and 22: 
Dear Sirs!
I 've seen your show this Saturday...and I was really excited. You are very original, very funny and as a whole your approach with the huge car is TOP! I hope that I'll be able to see your other performance about the soldiers. One more time I'm applauding you all three, I wish you all the best and thank you for the nice show.
P.S. And one more thing - nonethless and upon all the competitions, the huge garbage trucks, Kašpárek v rohlíku ( a famous Czech alternative Baby-Punk band etc...you were the best show of the day for me and my children!
6.9.2014, Festival Kefír, Třebovle (Czech Republic).  

Head technician in Jimlín:"..Kvadra Sua...those boys are telling funny ancdotes from from the firefighters background...", 
2.8.2014, Firefighters celebration Jimlín ( Czech Republic )

source:  http://blog.tworze.com/1404-sztuka-ulicy-bomberos.php / 5.-6.6.2014

Do you admire New york firefighters? They´re nothing compared to the Czech ones. We were welcomed at the God forsaken fire fighters´station. The local crew is getting ready for their 120th anniversary. What we mainly saw, was however pictures from Czech, full of self irony and fire fighters´ fun. The street theatres usually don´t speak. Here words were used and the actors even strained themselves to speak Polish. From time to time we could hear a Czech word, which was even more funny. The most excited about this show were the smallest spectators. During the final scene, when the extinguishing foam was used, they filled up the stage completely and made any more theatre impossible.
for exellency in numerous gags
for everything they have Czech and we don't have it
for wonderful and rich amusement

Bombarderos from the reknown trio Squadra Sua (Roman Horák, Petr Janč a Lukáš Houdek) is a Clownery wit a typical Czech base. ... The show was admired by children as well as adults and also the foreign public had the possibility to learn something about Czech culture.", v Taneční aktuality, article: Letní pohoda na Václaváku ( Festival Behind the door 2013 )Kateřina Votočková2.9.2013 

"...SQUADRA SUA decided to use several ideas. Their choice of motives was more divers, because the duo was made up by a Czech and a Korean. It was enough that the Czech was speaking korean and the Korean was speaking Czech and the first upside down was born. Another one was built up with the seating at the table, which was lying on one side. The actors were half sitting, half lying with their hips on the floor. In a very similar way cupand bottles were placed on the table. SQUADRA SUA presented one of the most inventive and most interesting performances of this evening." in Taneční aktuality, article:Everything is upside down or festiválek I'm happy..., Lucie Břinková, 25.11.2012